It's Not About Your Goals It's About Your Call

Transcribed from Align With Your Purpose on IGTV

Goal Settings. I put up a post earlier this morning on my wall for Instagram. And I said that it's not about your goals it's about the call. And I think so many times we get caught up in goal-setting without really paying attention to what our intuition is saying to us.


The higher self that we all have has instructions for us all day every day, on the path to take and directions to go. Because when you understand that you need to live in the now, the right now is all that you have. The past is gone and the future is not yet arrived yet. So you have in every moment being present in the now what is the direction that I should take. And it's not that you have to plan this out at all it's not about planning it out.


It's about listening to that Intuition or listening to your higher self and being present in the moment. Because your intuition your higher self, your gut is going to lead you every step of the way. It's one of those things that I think we've - well I know that many of us have forgotten that we have. So many times we ignore our intuition we ignore those inspired thoughts that come from our higher self that is there to lead and guide us all the way.


You can call it God you can call it the universe, whatever it is that you are comfortable saying or the vernacular that you would use for that leading and guiding force, that all loving force that is within and around and through everything including each and every one of us, when we tap into that it goes beyond goal settings. The book that I wrote Align With Your Purpose is all about that, what is your purpose in life.


And so many times people have forgotten what that is or they ignore that calling that thing that is calling you on the inside. And I think that so many times what we do is because of those things seems so lofty, those inspired thoughts seem so lofty or they seemed so big, and because of so many of the self-limiting beliefs that we have so many of the conditioning that we have raised with and brought up with, throughout our entire lives.


Keeps us in many ways held down and held back from that thing that we are actually here meant to do in service to Everyone else that's on the planet. Because we are all here to serve, we are all here with special gifts we came here with a purpose, and so many times we have forgotten that we came into this existence with a purpose. And that purpose could be very-very big and many times it is.


And I say that because we talk ourselves out of our purpose so many times because it seems so big, and we don't want to seem like oh what gives me the audacity to think that this is what I should do in the world - but we are all here to do that high thing whatever that high thing is we are all here to do that. Don't talk yourself out of those thoughts that you get those inspired thoughts.


You know it's so funny because so many times we think that we have to sit and plan, we have got to strategize we have got to have some sort of goal that we want to attend. And as you are going through that - if you have done that before like I have and so many of us have. There is a lot of resistance that comes, there is a lot of not knowing what comes and there is a lot of questioning what comes when we start setting these goals Outside of our purpose.


And we wonder why we struggle through life we wonder why we can't attain the things that we want to attain. Those things are directly related, you can have whatever it is that you want you can do whatever it is that you want. Make sure that you are following those gut instinct that are there, and those instincts those inspired thoughts come every moment, they are Moment by moment.


Don't struggle to find it or whatever it is don't think you have to struggle for this you don't it's already there, it's already there. Your higher self your God your inner being already knows the exact path that you should take to get to where it is that you want to be - and it is all about what it is that you want. And when you start paying attention to those things that from your higher self, your inner being God the universe.


Those things will unfold, it's not about you forcing it to come it's about you allowing it to come and it's about you aligning with your purpose.


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