Trust Your Inner Being

Transcribed from Align With Your Purpose on IGTV

Today I want to talk about trusting your gut, or I should say trusting your inner being trusting that higher part of yourself.

So many times people don't understand that we have access to unlimited information, unlimited power unlimited Potential from our inner beings, our higher self our spirit the universe, and we don't trust that enough.

Many people don't realize that we are far more non-physical than we are physical beings. And the biggest part of who you is your soul, it is not something that is in you, it is something that completely encompasses you.

It is you are the inside of your soul, and your soul touches so many other things and so many other people as well.

And this is how we have access through unlimited potential Unlimited information.

Kind of think about it like the internet in the spirit form. This is what you are able to tap into - we are the original Google; we are the original search engine because we have access to all of this information.

And when you don't trust your gut, that Interpol that inner being that is on the inside of you, you miss out on so much. I have a tendency to ask this question of people that I do Consult with one on one.

They will come to me with a problem that they want an answer to. And I simply say okay I hear your question but now you don't have the answer, but if you did have the answer what would it be?

And all of a sudden when I asked that question people get information like you wouldn't believe. And so many times I think when people go to, whether it's a guru or someone who they think is above them or has information that they don't have.

They think that they are getting information or answers from that person but you are not. You are getting that information from within yourself, it's like you need an excuse to hear from your inner being and you use that other person as that excuse.

Okay, well if I talk to this person I will get this information, and it's good sometimes to do that but what I want you to further realize and the further understand, is that the answers that you want are within you.

Sure sometimes it can help to talk to someone to bring those things out of yourself but it's not coming from that person, that answer is coming from your inner being.

Have you ever had a situation where you are talking to someone that you trust and you are giving them information, and they give you an answer and you just start to cry? It touches you in such a way that you start to cry.

Those tears and I got this from Neale Donald Walsch the author of Conversation With God. He said tears are the proof that you just received truth.

And when you hear an answer that touches you on such a deep emotional level - for myself and probably for many of you those tears just come

But what I want you to get a keen understanding of is that those answers aren't coming from outside of you, those answers are coming from your higher self.

And when you learn how to trust your gut, when you learn how to listen to that small still voice that's on the inside of you, you realize that the answers are always there.

One of the ways that I used to tap into more of that is through meditation, you may call it prayer or whatever it is that you call it. I use meditation pretty much on a daily basis to just quiet myself, so that I can actually hear from that small still voice. 

I can hear from that Spirit on the inside of me that has all of the answers, all of the directions and all of the information that I need. And when you learn how to firmly tap into that when you learn how to get on the same vibrational level as your inner being is.

And here is the thing, you are going to get the answers but here is the thing. Your inner being sees you as you are to be seen, your inner being that Spirit on the inside of you has no bad thought about you at all.

It knows what you want and it knows the path of least resistance to get you to what it is that you want - because so many times as human beings we think we have to struggle and grind and work hard, and all of these things work hard and push and push and push in order to get the answers, even the results that we want to get and it's not like that at all.

This life that we live we create every day through manifestation we create the life that we live.

And whatever state you are in right now in your life you have created it, and when you know and understand that power is when you can start creating something different. When you know and understand that you have got all of the answers already, you just need to learn to listen to that small still voice that will never ever lead you wrong.

So many times we go wrong because we are worried about what others think, how others will perceive it and what others will say and none of that matters.

Your inner being your higher self only wants your highest good, and when you tap into that unlimited possibilities begin to happen.

So trust your gut trust that Inner Being, and trust your highest self and things will begin to change. 

Transcribed from Align With Your Purpose on IGTV



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