I'm Dr. Earl B. Hall. Let's Talk.

I recognize where and why people don’t realize the greatness within themselves because of judgements and conditioning of coaching, religion, and family. I realize why people are stuck and I will make you see the fears you have, show you how to overcome them, and make you look directly at your greatness and become it.


Having a mentor invest real time with you is rare but this is what I am willing to do with ONLY those that are ready to take massive action and implement the changes, strategies, and mindset that will make it happen.

Your future starts right now and working with me at this high level will be tough but so worth the effort.

If you are ready to make a massive change that will produce massive results in every area of your life it would be my honor to work with you.


The real answers you are looking for are within you. My gift is to show you how to access them directly from God, the universe, and your higher-self. You are about to do the greatest thing you have ever done for yourself.

To achieve your dreams, you have to align head, heart, and will, and sometimes you need someone to unlock your perspective of where you think you are with each of those. Earl was the key for me, shifting my mindset from 'the doing' to 'the achieving’. A selfless and authentic coach, Earl allowed me to breathe again and get back on track with my purpose driven life.

-Linda-Mae Short

Well I have to tell everyone. If you get time to just listen to your heart, and call Earl up you will not be disappointed.

I have to say that 18 minute call was absolutely life changing. The way he understands and listens to your situation is awesome.

Then he starts asking questions that make you stop and look at yourself. 

I will tell all that if you want to see a different direction and understand what you can truly achieve and accomplish, then please give this man a call. I now have a different perspective and goal set.

-Eric Morrow

Earl, YOUR call apparently gave me the boost I needed!!!!  I’m selling people into a program I haven’t technically developed out yet... 😬


-Lindsey Kirkendall


1. He is generous
2. He obviously knows his stuff
3. He is committed to you doing your best
4. He has the guts to change & if I'm following in someone's footsteps I want to know that they are learning & growing. You must work with people who are walking their talk to get big results, I find.

Earl Hall rocks. I'd get in while he's as available as he is :)"

-Lindsay Wilson



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