What You Get Through Personal Engineering

Get Massive Results Fast

Personal Engineering involves weekly, private group coaching where Dr. Hall personally teaches everything you need to know to help you achieve massive life changing results fast. 

If you are starting out in business, or even have a successful business, this course can teach you the exact, strategies and methods to help you achieve massive results fast through the power of Personal Engineering. What’s more, is it gives you the tools to create a life that thrives WITHOUT the need for you to diminish your true goals.

The course is delivered via group coaching in zoom live streams and recordings from Dr. Hall himself.


The Full Personal Engineering System

How To Get Massive Results

How To Breakthrough Your Blocks and Limitations

How To Develop Your Personal Strategy

How To Create Actionable Strategies and Mindset Work

How To Get To Core of What You Really need to know

Ensuring You're Taking A Holistic Approach To Your Life

Looking into who YOU need to become in order to accelerate your results

This has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve struggled with negative/self-limiting thoughts for a long time. Have tried coaching, and my own methods to obliterate them, with little success. But by the second day of listening to phase 1 of the affirmations, I felt a shift; those thoughts were being quieted and replaced with positive, soothing, supportive, self-affirming thoughts. I just let that sink in during the first week of the case study. It’s been wonderful. Looking forward to week 2.

- Andrea Daniel

Do You Deeply Desire To Manifest The Life You Deserve

Is this weekly Program right for you?

Why Personal Engineering

Just how many more courses are you going to take that don't produce the results you want?

The truth is there is no course that will produce amazing and lasting results unless you learn rather how to manifest the results you want.

You see this is 100% in your control to manifest the results you want in...

  • Your business
  • Your relationships
  • Your purpose
  • Your future

As long as you keep looking for the answers outside of your self instead of knowing that the answers, the best answers, come from within you will continually be disappointed in programs, coaches, and gurus.

By now you should be at a point, after all the programs, coaching, and courses that have not produced results for you, that you are ready to finally fully trust and believe that the answers come from within you.

In fact, the results in your business, relationships, or life will automatically come to you once you learn and implement the laws of the universe.

There is just no way to NOT get exactly what you deserve.

What I will show you in our Personal Engineering Mastermind is how to unlock the power of manifestation in you.  In 12 short weeks, you will get what you need to...

  • Undo and transmute every self limiting belief you have that is holding you back
  • Perform the actions, thoughts, and feelings that unlock the undeniable power of the universe that is in you
  • Truly understand and execute your power of manifestation to get exactly and everything you deserve


Engineering The Life You Deserve

Is this weekly Program right for you?

Personal Engineering

Is the ultimate accumulation of the best manifestation practices as well as the incredible magic of meditation and the science of the quantum laws of the universe.

Personal Engineering enhances your natural ability to manifest anything and everything you desire, in the easiest way possible. 

Personal Engineering as the ‘leading edge’ of how to have your ultimate success to ‘Align With Your Purpose’ and to Manifest your ultimate reality!

*Results will vary based on how long and how closely you follow the information presented, as well as other individual biological factors. As individuals vary, so will results.

Can you visualize being free from all money issues?... Can you picture yourself being totally and completely stress-free?.... How about this - can you imagine you no longer feeling completely out of place nor feeling clueless ever again? It is absolutely possible to have everything that you desire, but never really believed that you could achieve. Follow us now as we give you the keys to creating all of this in your life and so much more. What If you could reprogram your brain to automatically attract unlimited wealth, happiness, love, freedom and confidence? You would want that, right? When we think of how we gain wealth, happiness, or anything else we desire, we believe that our brains, or our intelligence is in charge of all that. The truth is, it's not our brain nor conscious mind doing the manifesting... It's our unconscious mind that does it all. That very important part of the mind that I call... The Architect.

My name is Earl Hall and I am the creator of the system called Quantum Manifestation Alignment or QMA for short. I have been a personal development mentor for years using these proven methods to give me the life that I want.  In short, I know how to give you the ability to use scientifically proven methods to change your false and limiting beliefs... so that YOU can easily manifest the life that you desire.

Manifest The Life You Deserve

Is this weekly Program right for you?

Dr Earl B Hall

Is the creator of QMA™, an author, talk show host, and a highly sought after mentor.  Earl's main focus is helping you to live up to your highest purpose.  From his production studio he produces talk shows and counsels on how to use QMA

Nothing Like This Has Ever Been Developed

The latest approach to manifesting the life you deserve.

I have developed a proprietary method of creating the technology that is Quantum Manifestation Alignment (QMA)™.  My unique method has been developed using the fields of spirituality, science, and meditation.

The uniqueness of QMA is based on the latest methods to allow the practitioners of it to get into the creative state in order to manifest the life that they desire.

Manifest The Life You Deserve

Is this weekly Program right for you?

This was a great meditation. Powerful affirmations and a definite progression. Nice music and binaural beats for relaxing and distracting the conscious mind. I’ve been more focused on manifesting.

-Josh Meyer

I tend to be highly skeptical regarding meditation techniques. I guess that is because I have seen a few of them over the years and I have had doubts about the effectiveness of such approaches. However, I decided after watching testimonials from people whom I respect that I would give this one a chance.

I am in the early stages of the QMA Master Alignment Sessions and it would be fair to say that there has already been a noticeable shift in my mindset.

-John Clarke

The Magic Behind My Custom Meditations

Meditation is the foundation of QMA™. it is the source of how you connect with the divine and all the you hope to manifest

Binaural Beats

Most Binaural beats work on the principle of getting your brainwaves to a desired frequency.  That is, the external sound will allow you to effortlessly change your 'brainwaves' to sync both sides of the brain. Thus, the binaural beat of a particular frequency will enhance a certain frequency in the brain.


Unlike your other brainwaves, Theta is a silent but powerful voice. It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz difference from the base tone, where the optimal range for visualization resides, allowing you to mold your thoughts and using the creative power of your mind. It's the mental state which you consciously create your reality.

The Architect

Is  the voice that you listen to with your subconscious mind. It's what guides your thoughts and feelings and creates your reality. The Architect always guides your reality to exactly where you are today. This is what you can learn to easily change, so that you can manifest with ease.

I just started today! I am sharing this with my spouse. We both have been through a lot of physical, social and negative obstacles for along time. I believe we both are going to benefit from this awesome Positive meditation, so we can be the strong happy, healthy and positive couple of the past. I will keep you posted on our progress. The combination of the voice and music are very soothing, relaxing and easy to listen to. 

-Tim Evans

I was so thrilled to be included in this experiential project. Every day I have looked forward to listening to the audio. I feel energized and relaxed at the same time after I complete the audio. I feel like I have become more productive this last week after my daily sessions. I'm excited for the next section!

- Barbara J. Faison

Manifest The Life You Deserve

Is this weekly Program right for you?


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